The Hive

THE HIVE is your group of student ambassadors, they might be an existing eco club or gardening club – there are lots of things you might want help with beyond gardening so set up your HIVE today!

We have Hive groups across the country at our 260 schools

Hive Activities for the New Year:

Film Directors – Start collecting pictures and film of your work to compile in to short films to celebrate your work!

Art Competition – Check out the Art competition details here to earn your school some huge prizes

Grounds Designers – Finalise your plans for the changes you want to make to your school grounds

Border Designers – Choose your plants, colours, arrangements use the Plants for pollinators cards to help

Here is what our Super Hive members St Albans have been up to this year!

A Year in the Polli:Nation project with St Albans Super Hive

As your school starts the New Year think about how you can engage as many classes in your future developments.  The more pupils and teachers that are engaged the more support your project will have as it moves forward.