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There are 260 schools across the UK working to change their grounds into more pollinator friendly habitats.

In Northern Ireland 32 schools are taking part. From Derry to Down and as far as Fermanagh our region is doing amazing things to support pollinators.

School in the spotlight: Portglenone Primary School, County Antrim

Pupils and parents of Portglenone Primary School, took part in their Polli:nation “Big Bulb Plant”. Not only did they plant over 3000 bulbs to provide essential spring food for early bumble bees, but they also topped the list as the biggest volunteer turnout to a Polli:nation school event in Northern Ireland. Well done Portglenone Primary, the foraging queen bumble bees will be very grateful in spring.

Portglenone Primary Volunteers
Portglenone Primary Volunteers

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan

Our colleagues at Biodiversity Ireland and the  All Ireland Pollinator Plan are really pleased to see the network of pollinator friendly school grounds emerging in Northern Ireland. Your school’s hard work has been logged onto their Action For Pollinators site and is one of a growing movement of communities creating beneficial habitats across the island of Ireland.

If you would like to share your Polli:nation story please contact

Supporting Pollinators in your area

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan is a joint strategy between the North and South of Ireland and a small number of European countries to address pollinator decline.

You can find the plan and loads of great resources, including species information, ID guides, presentations, school activities and ‘How To’ guides at Biodiversity Ireland

Where to find help:

Learning through Landscapes

Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland

Buglife Northern Ireland

Your council Biodiversity Officer will be aware of local pollinator events, initiatives and support available in your area. Further information about their work and how they can help can be found at Biodiversity NI

Regional Events and Initiatives

Would you like to get involved with the recording of moths and butterflies. Join Butterfly Conservation and CEdar  at one of their recording events.

18th February Ulster Museum 12-4pm

13th March Lough Neagh Discovery Centre 10.30 – 3.30

Contact  for more details

Regional Interest

Great news from NI. The Small Blue butterfly was last recorded here in 2001 and was feared to be extinct in Northern Ireland. However this year a small population has been rediscovered in Fermanagh.

Our very special Cryptic Wood White is only found in Ireland and was thought to be a different species until 2001, so it’s our most recently discovered butterfly too.

Look out for:  the Tree Bumblebee. This interesting bee hasn’t made it over to Northern Ireland yet, but we are expecting it in the next year or two. Maybe 2017 will be the year it packs up its pollen baskets and hops over from Wales. If you do see one, take a photo and submit onto the Northern Ireland data recording site CEDar. You might just get the first record for NI.

Use our Activities pages to find out more about how you can help pollinators:

Need help making plans?

This document has everything you need from deciding what changes you can make to getting them done.

To find out about how to make your own Meadow, plant your own Orchard or select the best Pollinator plants see the activities below

Planning an orchard

orchard 1

 Make your own wildlife meadow

Ysgol Gwaun Gynfi (22)

Plants for Pollinators

IMG_9468 verbena