Helping pollinators

Start today helping pollinators where you live.

Simple actions that can have big impact for the wildlife in your school grounds or green space.

Pollinators are HUNGRY and HOMELESS.  Plan year round flowering, let grass grow long for butterflies and create space for bees to nest.

Our biggest successes have come from the simplest activity; for example, reducing mowing to twice a year on any grassed areas has a huge impact. In just one year, a school in Northern Ireland found 35 new species on their unmown space and an extremely rare orchid. It had never seen in the school before and was the largest number of orchids of this type in the whole country.


Collect seeds from the wild or ask friends and parents

Plant bulbs, fruit bushes and trees in the Autumn

Vegetables and flowers can be grown as seedlings on window ledges… watch them flourish!

Ideas for what to plant and when to plant can be found in these DOWNLOADS.

Our pollinators need homes.

Butterflies need a variety of specific trees, hedges and grassland plants.

Solitary bees will move in to bee hotels and mining bees in to bee banks made from sand, clay or compacted earth.

If you create the space for them to build their homes they will come!