Calendar of Developments: Planting and flowering

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Planning your grounds developments – Get it on the school calendar

Orchards, fruit bushes, wild flower meadows, border and pot planting and vegetable growing all have their own timetables.

Add key dates from the resources below to your own calendar and school action plan.

Consider each development with the following structure:

  • Preparation (designing/building/digging/buying)
  • Planting (inside / outside )
  • Flowering/Fruiting Times (succession of flowers throughout the year)

Use the resources below to guide you through the developments you would like to achieve this year – when to get started -and when to expect flowers, vegetables and fruit.

See if you can plan these developments in to school activity days. The wider the involvement the easier and more sustainable your work will be.

Pollinators Planting Cards

Use these cards containing 40 species of plant (all recommended for pollinators) to help ensure you have year round flowering in your school grounds.

The Pollinator Planting cards contain info on plant size, when to plant, when they flower and the conditions they require for growth.

Vegetable Planting Calendar

Vegetable Planting Calendar –  An RHS resource

Support getting started growing vegetables in your grounds

RHS Vegetable growing guide

Habitat creation and management for pollinators:

This fantastic resource highlights flowering times of trees, fruit bushes, wildflowers and herbaceous plants among many other things.

There are diagrams showing bee life cycles and information on how to manage your new developments – a must see resource downloadable for free from the CEH & Wildlife Farming Company.

Get a full copy here

Yearly Calendar

Create a simple school calendar of your grounds development highlighting when general developments should happen eg. seeding your wildflower area, planting your fruit bushes plus activities to deliver with your students in each month.

Use our Orchards guide to help you get started with your fruit tree planting, including planting times, requirements and a ‘how to’ to get you started.